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Hello! My name is Cindy Chipchase.  My goal is to help you re-imagine your life and let go of thoughts and behaviours that  undermine you, so that a renewed and fulfilled you can emerge. My passion is to help women to heal, to move forward, to live a heart-centred, purpose driven life; a life that embraces Spiritual Qualities vs Ego Qualities. Let's take a journey towards a life that truly inspires and fulfills you!

Professionalism and Experience


As a professionally trained and experienced Master Life Coach, I have the tools and understanding to help you to create the life you imagine and enjoy a renewed sense of self. I can help you improve your perception of yourself and your life so that it is filled with vitality and enthusiasm. As a Transformational Life Coach my focus is on helping to change the way you see yourself rather than just changing the way you behave.

Supportive Journey


Committing to a healthier you is just that – a commitment, and it’s a big one that will take a lot of dedication. But believe me when I tell you it will be worth it. My personal commitment is to provide you with accountability, understanding and support while accomplishing lasting growth. To guide you on your journey as you learn to identify and release emotions and feelings that are holding back, allowing you to love yourself freely!

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  • Heart-Centered Transformational Life Coaching - Group and 1 on 1 sessions available
  • Reiki - private sessions, distance sessions and classes
  • Yoga classes and Private Yoga Therapy, Yoga Wall sessions

Coming Events:

Summer Yoga schedule:

Monday: Gentle Yoga 5:45 - 7 pm

Tuesday -  Flow Yoga 9:30 - 11 am


Private Therapeutic Sessions and Packages available upon request (includes Yoga Wall) 

Reiki Classes: 

Level One: Aug 23  9 - 5 pm

Level Two: Aug 24  9 - 5 pm   

Level One investment: $175

Level Two investment: $250

Both: $375 (save $50)

Reiki Master: TBA

Investment: $497

Group Coaching: A Journey of Love: Learning to Live a Life of Love! 

What would it be like to go deeper and live from our spiritual qualities of love, compassion and patience?  What would it be like to experience non-judgement, forgiveness and deep grace?

 If you answer yes to any of these questions I invite you to join me as I guide, support and encourage you along the path to releasing anxiety, fear and impatience. Yes, it is possible!

You will learn daily practices that promote living from a place of self-acceptance, compassion and inner peace. This 4-week online session runs on Thursday;s  from June 20 to July 11, 2019

Investment: $97


Circle of Hearts Society for Women:

Cindy is the Founder and President of Circle of Hearts Society for Women. Our vision is to empower and uplift women to feel and be their best self through self-care, self-love and a sister-hood connection.  To provide space for and a place for women to learn, to encourage growth, to celebrate life, and to expand their circle of friendship.  For more information on our Society please email 


Cindy's classes are amazing! She is such a beautiful soul and is so willing to share her gift with other people! I am so glad to have had the experience of being in her class!! Thank you so much Cindy!

Gail - Reiki student

This was an amazing experience for me! It has changed how I see and feel things. It has helped my overall health, I can't wait to see where is takes me.

D.P. Reiki student and client

Cindy is a wonderful Yoga Teacher who creates a safe, peaceful and warm environment whilst sharing her skill and knowledge. She is so encouraging and gentle while also providing challenge. Cindy gives attention to everyone so that she can encourage you to improve at your own pace. I started learning yoga with Cindy and I was hooked from the very first class and I keep going every week. Cindy helps to find alternative poses and adjustments to make the practice beneficial to everyone. I LOVE my yoga classes with Cindy

Jutta Schoenhardt

What clients are saying about Empower Your Life Coaching Program: 

  • Thank-you Cindy! This group has helped me change my perspective and my life! There is no end to the value of what I am learning and uncovering through these weekly sessions!
  • It's been a challenging week and I am so grateful for the support of this group! When I feel myself going into ego-based feelings I am learning to reach for the tools you are teaching us.
  • I am excited to be on this journey of choosing trust and it feels like it is life changing for me. I can see how it is going to help me be so much less stressed and much happier.
  • I am trying to let the challenges go through me instead of getting stuck - it works!!!
  • Thank you for all your love and unconditional support and compassion.

Empower Your Life - New book release!

Cindy is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of the Anthology book "Empower Your Life" The book hit #1 on Launch Day!! Order your copy at www.empoweryourlifebook.com or by emailing Cindy to receive your copy. Be sure to ask about your free gifts when you order your book!

Empower Your Life Book Trailer

Check out this great video

Free e-book "Tips for Everyday Empowerment"

Empower Your Life Free Summit - Interviews with the Co-Authors of Empower Your Life


Level 1 & 2 Reiki Aug 23-24

C$ 375.00

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Your Energy & Spirit Yoga Retreat Oct 4 - 6, 2019

C$ 425.00

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


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